Furniture Buying Guides

What does LAF and RAF on a Sectional Mean?
If you started shopping for a new sectional for your home either online or in furniture stores, you may have seen a phrase in the description of items called RAF Chaise or LAF Chaise, and this may hav..
The 4 Most Common Types of Leather Furniture
Are you looking to buy a leather sofa in the near future? If so, this article will help you decide which type of sofa fits your overall needs and budget. Working with a variety of customers over the y..
4 Factors to Consider when buying a Used or New Mattress
  Factor #1 - Price There is one basic reason that most consumers look at the option of buying a used mattress, and that reason is PRICE. Everything other factor such as quality, warr..
5 Advantages of Buying Used Furniture
5 Advantages of Buying Used Furniture 1. Low Prices The most popular reason to buy something used is to SAVE some money, and furniture is a great item that can often keep more money in y..
What you should know before buying a Used Mattress Set
  One of the most common questions we get is "Do you sell Used Mattresses?" Buying used items can be a great cost savings to you, so it is not unusual that we get this question almost on a..
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