4 Factors to Consider when buying a Used or New Mattress


Factor #1 - Price

There is one basic reason that most consumers look at the option of buying a used mattress, and that reason is PRICE. Everything other factor such as quality, warranty, no breakdown over the years, freshness, etc. all favor purchasing a new mattress. Well if you haven't been mattress shopping for years, we have some good news for you. The mattress industry has really improved its production capabilities and efficiency. You can get a quality used mattress at a very affordable price. Going to the right mattress store is a very important part of your shopping experience as one of the main strategies of the chain mattress stores is to sell you high end expensive mattresses. Don't let this discourage you if price is an option there are plenty of mattresses out there that are a good value, but still give you everything you may need in a mattress. We have a huge selection of mattresses that may just cost you a few hundred dollars rather than in the thousands.

Factor #2 - Features

Just like any other product, mattresses are evolving with new features and benefits all designed to give you a better nights sleep and/or extend the life of your mattress set. Features like memory foam, gel memory foam, foam encased mattresses, antimicrobial fabrics, flexible mattress frames, etc. were not out a few years ago when that used mattress you were consider buying was produced. In an effort to save a little bit of money, you may be missing out on features that may improve your sleep and overall lifestyle.

Factor #3 - Warranty

Almost all mattresses come with some type of Manufacturer Warranty. These differ from Manufacturer to Manufacturer and even within products from the same manufacturer. However, if you do experience a defect right away with your mattress you will be covered when you purchase a new mattress set. (guidelines may apply). When you buy a used mattress most manufacturers only offer the warranty for the original buyer. Even if the mattress is fairly new, in most cases the warranty will be void.

Factor #4 - Peace of Mind

When you buy a new mattress set, you have the peace of mind that the care and use of the mattress set is controlled by you. You know how often it was cleaned, how clean the sheets were that covered the mattress, if a mattress pad was used to keep out stains, etc. This peace of mind alone will help you sleep better at night.

David Reyna
General Manager - Samministries Furniture For A Cause

**David has been the General Manager of Furniture For A Cause since November 2010. His prior background has been almost 18 years as a lead buyer, merchandiser, and designer for upscale furniture and home decor retailers and manufacturers in the industry. He has been involved in design projects for several local restaurants, businesses, and numerous residential projects.

He can be reached at dreyna@samm.org.


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