What does LAF and RAF on a Sectional Mean?

If you started shopping for a new sectional for your home either online or in furniture stores, you may have seen a phrase in the description of items called RAF Chaise or LAF Chaise, and this may have wondered "What in the world are they talking about?" Well good news, I am here to help you be the smart consumer and tell you exactly what these mean, and how knowing about them can make a difference in your home.


dixon durablend sectional

** Dixon Durablend Sectional with LAF Sofa + RAF Chaise

RAF & LAF Chaise and Sofa Sections

The term RAF refers to Right Arm Facing when talking about a sectional modular piece. The term LAF refers to Left Arm Facing. Most sectional pieces have 1 arm since they connect to another piece of furniture at the other end. So the key thing to remember is that the side with the arm on it, when you are facing the item, determines whether it is LAF or RAF. The picture above shows a RAF Chaise on this sectional. If I were standing directly across from this item, the arm would be on my "Right Side" so therefore it is a RAF Chaise. The sectional also has a LAF Sofa added to the piece because the arm is on the "Left Hand" side of the sofa when I am facing it.


RAF & LAF Sofa Sections

The example above is a very simple one to follow, however keep in mind that some other sectional configurations can be more complex. In some instances, you may have 5 pieces making up one sectional. There will be a separate article for that one! However, I do want to discuss the sofa trap you can fall into on LAF and RAF sofas and loveseats. On some sectionals that may have a square configuration rather than the chaise configuration above, you may actually have a long section and a short section. Most often your short section will be the loveseat with 2 seat cushions and a one arm section, the long section will have 3 seats with a one arm section. Just make sure that you have your correct arm facing on the sofa section that you want to be the longer side. 


Make sure you get the Correct Configuration

We all get a little anxious when we see that sectional we love on the sales floor, and very often we will say "I'll take it!". Most salespeople will be quick to ring you up. However, what if the configuration of the sectional would better fit your home if the chaise/longer end were on the opposite side? Uh....Oh you just made a mistake now that you will have to live with, because that chaise is blocking your doorway or hallway! Well, most sectionals come available in both configurations, so knowing what direction best fits your home is a very important decision, and should not be taken lightly.

So while we would love for you to buy from us, this article should help you understand the differences in LAF and RAF configurations the next time you buy your new sectional. Shop many of our sectionals online. In addition keep in mind that many of the sectionals you see online also have other pieces and configurations available on those models, but we do not list them online because we cannot photograph every possible configuration. Now that you know a little bit more about sectionals you can ask about other options and be the buying PRO! 



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