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New Furniture FAQ

1. How do you get your New Furniture?

A). We Buy It!!

Furniture For A Cause has brought in a lead buyer with over 17 years of experience buying for fashion forward furniture retailers. We have employed the strategy to bring you todays trends at affordable prices. We attend furniture and home decor markets, where scour the market to find you the best deals from the top manufacturers. We do pay for these items, but pass whatever savings we find onto you!

**On occasion we do get brand new furniture donations from Manufacturers, and/or Furniture Stores. We put these items in our gently used donated inventory classifications online and in our store. You will not find them listed as New Inventory in our store or online.

2. Is your NEW Furniture "damaged" or "scratch and dent"?

A). NO

The inventory of New Furniture and Home Accessories you will see in our store is generally in "First Quality" condition. You can shop with confidence that you are getting the same quality that you come to expect from any new furniture retailer. However, on occasion we may get in a shipment of merchandise that arrives damaged, or that we purchased as damaged at a great discount. In these cases, we will offer these items as "Closeout" or "Sale" items. We pass the savings onto you!


3.You sell a lot of Ashley Furniture, do the Ashley Homestores Donate it to you?

A). NO

Ashley Homestores are independently owned franchises across the USA. They are authorized dealers of Ashley Furniture, just as we are. However, they pay additional rights to use the Ashley name on their storefront and advertising. In many cases we both have access to the same inventory offerings, however there are some items that are exclusive to the Ashley Homestores and some items that are exclusive to our store.

The Ashley Homestores and Furniture For A Cause both purchase and receive their goods from Ashley Furniture Inc. warehouses in the USA.


4. If I buy new Furniture at FFAC, do I still get covered by any Manufacturers Warranties?


If a manufacturer offers any warranties for their products, you will be covered because we are an authorized retailer for their brand. You are getting 100% support of FFAC and the Manufacturer when you buy at FFAC.

5. Do you get goods at a Lower Cost or FREE as a Non-Profit?

A). NO

In almost all cases we pay the same price for merchandise that other retailers do, so there is no huge "Non-Profit" advantage that we have over other retailers. However, we do negotiate a lot with our vendors to have first access to their closeouts and discontinued items. We offer these as much as possible in our store and online.

We want your business, and strive to provide the lowest prices possible to you. While we strive to provide low prices, we also strive to retain profitability to fulfill our primary mission of raising funds for the homeless.


6. Why would I want to buy new furniture from FFAC, when I could get the same item at the same price from another store?

A). To Help the Homeless 

One of the unique concepts of Furniture For A Cause is that we sell New Merchandise. It is a new concept in retailing, selling New Goods to raise funds for a particular cause. Many traditional Non-Profits sell primarily used goods to raise funds, we sell both. It is a way to offer the opportunity for the public to have the option to have their money go to a good cause when they were going to buy something new anyways.

This is why we offer a variety of products at a variety of quality and price levels both online and in store. To give people the opportunity to help our cause through a variety of items no matter the design style or quality level desired by the customer.


6. Do you negotiate your prices on New Furniture?

A). NO

We know that our prices are very low and competitive. However, we do offer the price match guarantee in the event that a consumer does happen to find a lower price on the same item from an authorized retailer.

7. Do you offer any payment plans like other furniture stores do?


We offer both Layaway Plans and Financing Plans available for New Furniture. Each plan is unique and you can contact us for further details or visit our Payment Options page of our website.


8. Do you offer Local Delivery Services?


We offer Local Delivery Services in the San Antonio, TX area. Visit our Shipping/Delivery Page in our website for details.



Furniture for a cause was founded in 2004 as an additional source of revenue for SAMMINISTRIES , a non-profit agency that serves homeless individuals and families in SOUTH texas, our store and website offers both new and gently used items for the home to the general public at reasonable prices, 100% of our net proceeds are donated back to SAMMINISTRIES