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Success Stories

Here are just a few of the many success stories that happen through SAMMinistries every day. Your purchase or donation to Furniture For A Cause, helps fund the programs, housing, and services, that helped make these stories possible and affect real change in someones life.

Client to Volunteer: Giving Back What She’s Been Given

Juanita Vasquez was referred to SAMMinistries for housing assistance in November 2011 from the Salvation Army.  At the time of her referral she was suffering from arthritis, thyroid disease, and fibromyalgia, and functioning at the fifth grade level in both reading and math. Despite setbacks, Juanita worked with SAMM case managers to set goals for herself.

To help Juanita reach self-sufficiency, she was enrolled in SAMMinistries’ On-the-Job Training program. Through work at SAMM’s donation station, Juanita learned valuable skills that can translate across many work environments. Although hesitant to work at first, she quickly became one of the most dependable OJT workers and enjoyed her work tremendously.

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Education for the Future

A U.S. Marine, who served nine years of active duty, Juanita Sepulveda ended her service tour to be with her family. It was only after returning home and seeing her eldest son begin his freshmen year of college that Juanita realized she needed to make a change and become a more stable provider.

Juanita recalls thinking, “without a degree, I’m not going to advance the way I need to.” Looking toward the future, she created a plan to finish her bachelor’s degree. This would allow her to find a job to help pay for her son’s college tuition and provide a better life for her children.

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House Fire to New Home

On Christmas Day 2012, after Frank and Jessica Valdez and their three children went home to wrap last minute Christmas gifts, Jessica began to smell smoke throughout the house.

She thought it was the neighbor’s BBQ and ignored it at first. Shortly after, she walked into the kitchen only to see the entire back of the house on fire. “I was concerned about my husband,” Jessica said. “He was in the back of the house trying to put the fire out.”

Luckily everyone escaped safely, but all of the Valdez’s valuables and possessions were lost. “I was worried about my kid’s things, because it means a lot to them,” said Jessica, explaining how many of her children’s toys were hers when she was little and could never be replaced.

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Home: Stronger, Wiser and Appreciative


Roxana and her kids are now enjoying the comforts of home because of your support. She will tell you that her faith in God and His provisions are behind it all, but she also knows that without caring and compassionate people, her story would have a much different ending.

A single mom of bright and respectful children, teenage daughter, Daniela, and pre-teen son, Cesar, Roxana knows the importance of a good education.  In fact, her life is all about education! She works as a para-professional teacher’s aide in a local school district and takes a full schedule of college classes.

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Graduating to a Brighter Future

Luisa became a single mother after she and her three daughters were abandoned by their father. For the first time in many years, she was alone and without any means of support.

Luisa and her daughers came to our Transitional Living and Learning Center for help. She never finished school, so first on the list was to enroll in GED classes. After having difficulties in the classroom it was discovered that Luisa had vision problems that affected her reading and comprehension skills. She was referred to one of our collaborating partners where she was given glasses. With her new, improved vision, Luisa excelled in her classes and passed her GED.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Luisa immediately enrolled in another one of our partner’s Medical Assistance Program. Determined to prove to herself and her children that education is a key in a bright future, Luisa  completed the program with high academic marks!

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