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Used Furniture FAQ

1. How do you get your used furniture to sell at Furniture For A Cause?

A. Our Used Furniture Inventory is generously donated by individuals, businesses, and organizations that want us to sell their furniture to raise funds to help homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.


2. How do you determine prices of your used Brand Name Furniture?

A). If it is a brand name/antique/heirloom piece we research the current retail value of the brand name online or through other resources and price the item 50% or more off the current retail value of the item or similar item of the same/similar brand. Generally, we add a printout of the researched price to the items on our sales floor.


3. How do you price your common/everyday used furniture at Furniture For A Cause?

A). If an item is an common/everyday piece of furniture we price the item based on the condition of the item - i.e. Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent. Our pricing guide is based on the historical market value of what customers are willing to pay for such items based on their current condition.


4. Are your prices negotiable?

A). No. Since our prices are based on historical market values and/or researched brand name values we do not need to negotiate prices on our used merchandise. In addition, we strive to provide one fair price to all customers that patronize our store.


5. What if the item has visual damage to the piece, is the price negotiable?

A). No. All of our items are priced "As Is" and any damage is considered in the pricing valuation of the item. Therefore, any additional markdowns are not necessary on any furniture.


6.  Do you mark down your Used Inventory?

A). Yes. We turn over 50%-60% of our Used Inventory every 30 days, so we know that our merchandise is priced at what the public is willing to pay for those items. However, in some circumstances inventory that sits longer on our sales floor may need price adjustments.Therefore we may elect to start markdowns on merchandise after 45 days, and again every 30 days after that point, until the item gets marked to what its market value should be.


7. Do you sell consignment furniture?

A). No.While we sell used furniture, our business model is not set up as a Consignment model. However, many unsuccessful Consignors elect to donate their furniture if they are having difficulty selling their furniture at other Consignment stores.


8. Do you ship your used furniture outside of your local market?

A). No. Due to the high cost of packing/shipping furniture via motor freight carriers and our low prices, we do not find it cost feasible to ship most used items outside of our local market.


Furniture for a cause was founded in 2004 as an additional source of revenue for SAMMINISTRIES , a non-profit agency that serves homeless individuals and families in SOUTH texas, our store and website offers both new and gently used items for the home to the general public at reasonable prices, 100% of our net proceeds are donated back to SAMMINISTRIES