Furniture For A Cause Celebrates 10 Years


Samministries Furniture For A Cause has been helping fund Homeless Programs for 10 Years.

On March 4, 2004 Samministries opened Furniture For A Cause on Blanco Road in San Antonio, TX. For over 10 years now we have been raising funds for homeless indivdiuals and families in the San Antonio area. Over the years we have been supported by the San Antonio community who has both donated much of their gently used furniture and also purchased new and used furniture over the years.

The first few years of Furniture For A Cause the primary focus was selling gently used furniture to the general public, however over time we realized that our massive store size of 35,000 square feet was also a good space to include affordable brand new furniture. So the strategic decision was made to also include new furniture inventory to our offering and now we offer San Antonio's Largest selection of BOTH new and gently used furniture under one roof.

Over the years, not only have we sold furniture to the general public, but Furniture For A Cause has also operated a "Job Training" program for homeless residents of Samministries and other homeless organizations in the city. This program is a 90 day program that gives many individuals the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and training necessary for entering the competitive job market. It is one of the many programs that Samministries provides that assists individuals with the needs of homeless individuals so that they become self sufficient once they finish their residency at Samminstries or another Homeless facility here in San Antonio.

David Reyna
General Manager - Samministries Furniture For A Cause

**David has been the General Manager of Furniture For A Cause since November 2010. His prior background has been almost 18 years as a lead buyer, merchandiser, and designer for upscale furniture and home decor retailers and manufacturers in the industry. He has been involved in design projects for several local restaurants, businesses, and numerous residential projects.

He can be reached at


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Furniture For A Cause Celebrates 10 Years
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Furniture for a cause was founded in 2004 as an additional source of revenue for SAMMINISTRIES , a non-profit agency that serves homeless individuals and families in SOUTH texas, our store and website offers both new and gently used items for the home to the general public at reasonable prices, 100% of our net proceeds are donated back to SAMMINISTRIES